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Safety Surfacing

There are a range of impact absorbing safety surfaces that can be used in a play area.  This can include grass matting, artificial grass, wetpour rubber surfacing, playgrade bark, playgrade sand and rubber mulch.  All of which provide impact absorbency in the event of a fall, making them safer, ultimately preventing head injuries.  Safety surfacing falls under the BS EN11:77 playground standards.    

Haffey Playgrounds sell a wide range of Safer surfacing here are our top 4!

Wetpour Rubber Surfacing

Wetpour Rubber Surfacing or EPDM comes in a wide range of colours and is laid in various thicknesses depending on any relevant critical fall heights (CFH).  It can be laid with multiple colours and designs inserted, called graphics – adding to the play value.  Due to the increased costs in oil (a key ingredient in making rubber crumb), mixing the coloured EPDM with black can reduce the overall cost of the surfacing.  

The surface is tested to European Safety Standard EN1177.

Rubber Bark Mulch

Rubber bark mulch is bound together with a polyurethane resin.  It is becoming increasing popular as a safer surfacing, as it is more cost effective whilst being a low maintenance option.  This surfacing gives a natural feel to play areas, available in a range of forest blend colours. The surface is tested to European Safety Standard EN1177. 

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Grass Matting

Rubber Grass Mats are pegged onto the ground to protect the grass around the play equipment from becoming muddy.  The honeycomb structure allows the grass to grow through the mat, preserving the grass which can then be cut as normal.  Grass Mats measure 1.5m x 1.0m, and are tested to a critical fall height (CFH) of 3m onto grass.
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Artificial Grass

Synthetic Grass gives the look for real grass without the maintenance of cutting.  We sell a range of landscape grass and when a piece of play equipment has a critical fall height (CFH) of greater than 600mm, a shockpad underneath the carpet.  This surfacing is especially sympathetic in a nursery school setting or as part of a sensory garden area for a different sensory experience. 

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Outdoor Gym Equipment

We are delighted to introduce our new fitness equipment range from Vinci Play the Workout and Fitness series.

The Fitness series created to keep you fit.  Galvanized and powder-coated steel available in several colour options or stainless steel in AISI 304 and AISI 316 will allow you to create a professional outdoor gym.

Steel structures with many bars and elements created for training with the weight of your own body. Modern design, durable materials and colour options, perfect for creating a modern sports ground.

Workout Robina range made of natural raw material – Robinia acacia wood, the most durable wood found in Europe. The wood is characterized by natural, bright colours, has high weather resistance, does not require impregnation, and can be anchored directly in the ground.

Synthetic Pitches & Mugas

We have over 50 years’ experience in designing and building the highest quality natural and artificial playing surfaces for a range of sports from tennis and hockey to rugby and GAA and everything in between.

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