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The Grange Play Park & Kickabout Area- Mid & East Antrim Borough Council 2022


A green-field site was identified for the provision of a new neighbourhood play park and kick-about area, which would offer a range of play opportunities for children up to the age of 14 years.  Haffey’s created a new kickabout area, an oval shaped enclosed playground with pathways. 

This rural playground was designed to be inclusive and in-keeping with the natural environment.  The playground has coloured equipment bays with tarmac for ease of access.  The location of the equipment provides a good route with wide disability access and a yellow self-closing gate for the visually impaired.  The inclusive items are positioned closest to the entrance, these include the themed rocker, surf rider, wheelchair play unit, dish roundabout and hardness swing.  The activity panels are at wheelchair height, located throughout the playground. The play equipment caters for varying abilities and the inclusive pieces are integrated so as children with disabilities can play alongside their peers.   The larger more challenging play items are positioned in the middle of the playground.

The playground provides social and interactive play, with easy to conquer equipment alongside challenging equipment that children can aspire to accomplish.  The New Grass Kickabout area provides outdoor fun and fitness to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people.