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Southern Lands City West Village Playground 2020


Client: Citywest Homes

Completion Date: Oct 2020

Location: Southern Lands, City West Village, Citywest Road, Dublin

Comment: This Play space was provided for the developer of Southern Lands, Citywest Village. A new housing development located at Citywest, Dublin.  This community play space is part of a large build project, where we formed part of the project team delivering a natural play space to an exacting specification agreed with other design team partners including landscape architects and council.

The design was in keeping with the design ethos and modern surroundings.  Overall results are visually appealing and the area stands within the site as a focal point in the recreational open space area, as well as serving children from 2 years up incorporating level pathways throughout the area. There is a variety of play value combining Robina and hard wood log play items as well as Irish glacial boulders to create both formal and informal trails.

We introduced our Haffey Woodchip surfacing to the play items whilst ensuring no step nor level changes throughout the expanding space served by ballylusk pathway network access into the space.

The entire site when complete will be enclosed with barrier heavy planting to ensure safety and security for users and carers. All play items have been certified and installed to EN1176 and play surfaces EN1177.